You are currently viewing Let’s share #6 : Workshop for Assistants – 09/03/2022

Let’s share #6 : Workshop for Assistants – 09/03/2022

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La FFMAS Paris-IdF a choisi un nouveau concept d’animation pour notre communauté d’adhérent(e)s anglophones.

LET’S SHARE  🇬🇧 est le 1er workshop exclusivement en anglais avec beaucoup d’interactivité et d’innovation pour monter en compétence.

Co-animation par Anne Dumilieu, pilote du groupe “Only in English” de FFMAS Paris-IdF et Detelina Rizova, coach et formatrice chez Soft Skill Me Up.

Pré-requis : Comprendre et parler l’anglais – Avoir accès à ZOOM

You work in an international group and would like to practice more your English in a friendly environment ? 

We’ll be happy to welcome you soon for our next session with new topics 😊

New topic “When emotions are stilling my time”

Wednesday, 9th March 2022

12 : 30 – 1 : 30 pm

Video conference ZOOM and Klaxoon, the collaborative tool

Coach and Trainer Soft Skill Me Up

Member and Monitor of the English group of FFMAS PARIS                                                                             

The pre-requisites for are : 

– English spoken

– You have a decent internet connection and won’t be blocked behind  a corporate firewall.

– You are familiar with collaborative applications. it is recommended to use your PC (either desktop or laptop) in order to make use of Klaxoon with the best user experience.


  • Members of FFMAS Paris & IdF and plateform MAIA (subscription in the plateform MAIA)
  • Members of FFMAS RHONE (prepaid fees)
  • Other members of FFMAS : 4 euros
  • Corporate members of FFMAS Innov’action accepte

Come with us to learn, share and have fun together !!



You are located out of Paris Ile-de-France and wish to joint the FFMAS’s network 

Please click on click on the geographical map [HERE]

Contact :